I will never dress my daughter in pink…and other stupid shit I said before becoming a mama

Before I had my daughter, I said a lot of stupid sh*t about being a parent. I judged others on their parenting skills and made bold, frankly ridiculous statements about how I was going to parent when I had zero experience of being one… Continue reading


Sundayssentials: Best Bottles for Breastfed babies

The quest to get my daughter to take a bottle took six months, about £300 and pretty much my sanity. I read every word on the web on the subject. I read every crank Netmums post, every advice page and every bottle review. I listened to peoples tips and recommendations. We have heard and tried them all. When it comes to bottles there are so many. It’s hard to know where to start and even harder to know where to go next when your baby rejects one.

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