Pros to having a toddler

This article was originally posted in Selfish Mother.

There is a lot said about the negatives of parenting toddlers these days. The tantrums and endless questions. The relentless mess and threat of accidents. A complete lack of privacy and the constant anxiety that you’re not ‘doing it right’.

But whilst there are many downsides, there are some pretty awesome benefits…

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Current State : June edition

I’ve had a few months break from this blogging lark. Balancing blogging along with work, life, toddler, husband, dog and mental sanity was proving a bit too much and something had to give.

Now that I feel like I’m on a bit more of an even keel, I’ve decided to get back on the horse mainly because I’ve missed moaning to strangers and sharing stories/advice.

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You can’t hurry l-abour…

A year ago today was my due date. To be honest, I had almost forgotten what it felt like to be pregnant. I know, how could I have forgotten *insert monkey holding head in hands emoji* but all the amazing, positive memories I’ve had since seem to have blocked out all my painful pregnancy and birth-related memories. Good job, otherwise I don’t think I could even consider having any more children. Continue reading

A false start…The reality of returning to work after maternity leave

This year, I was lucky enough to be able to take eight months maternity leave from work. Whilst this precious time off with my daughter was absolutely the best time of my life so far,  I was also keen to get back to ‘reality’ and the job that I love and had worked hard to get. I went along to regular keeping-in-touch meetings and childcare was sorted beforehand, as was my ‘set in stone’ return to work date so I felt super organised, in control and as ready to go back as I possibly could be. I wasn’t prepared for was how hard I would find it once I was back.

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Goodbye, maternity leave

I remember worrying about what I was going to do with all those days. Seven whole months. Well, eight including the full month that I sat on my arse watching Netflix and repeatedly Googling ‘How to start your labour’, whilst I impatiently awaited her arrival. I worried about how I wouldn’t be able to switch off from work and be a good mama. It’s hilarious really. (Although, I did take a few weeks to back off and stop checking work emails.) Continue reading