Current State : June edition

I’ve had a few months break from this blogging lark. Balancing blogging along with work, life, toddler, husband, dog and mental sanity was proving a bit too much and something had to give.

Now that I feel like I’m on a bit more of an even keel, I’ve decided to get back on the horse mainly because I’ve missed moaning to strangers and sharing stories/advice.

Sooooo, thought I’d ease myself in by sharing some of the states I’ve had to deal with recently….

Nappy hurling

We’ve had to change our daughter into pull-ups from normal nappies after she started removing them in public and hurling them.

Yup. She figured out how to pull the sticky sides off and whip it off (a skill to be admired in itself!) preferring to feel the wind beneath her cheeks apparently.

It’s not been all bad though. The benefits of pull ups include being easier to get on her as normal nappies give her the free reign to boot me in the face as she wriggles desperately to escape. Pull ups act like a tiny resistance band keeping those vicious pins from flying towards my face kung fu-style.

Postnatal hair regrowth

18months on childbirth is still proving to be the gift that keeps on giving. Not only do the wispy little bastards look ridiculous they also tickle my forehead on the daily. I tried to pull off a headband but I am definitely not cool enough and end up looking like a fishwife.

Gym Guilt

I’m going to admit it, sometimes* I prefer to go to the gym than spend time with my kid. I don’t know what is worse. Admitting that I enjoy the gym or admitting that I bloody love spending some time away from my kid. But those endophins, man, they gets me every time and I need something to balance out my serious bread addiction.

*alot of the time. Especially a lot of the time around bedtime.

Working from home…with a toddler

It’s getting harder and harder to work from home. I know, I know I’m so bloody lucky to be able to do it and soon she’ll be in nursery (free hours whoop whoop) but trying having a serious conversation with one of your directors with a tantrumming toddler hanging from your leg screaming at the top of her voice that she wants some quavers at 9.15am in the morning is some seriously stressful shit.

Anyway…would love to know what state you lot have been getting in recently? Get in touch #caringissharing #parentingfails #mamaguilt #lookatthestateofmama

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