REVIEW: Big Fish Little Fish Family Rave

Before we had Elsie, we had a pretty healthy social life but after 10+ years of partying, we thought our disco days were sadly behind us when we became parents last year. That was until I discovered Big Fish Little Fish’s Family Raves – 2hr family-focused gatherings where you can go raving with your kids! Continue reading


A false start…The reality of returning to work after maternity leave

This year, I was lucky enough to be able to take eight months maternity leave from work. Whilst this precious time off with my daughter was absolutely the best time of my life so far,  I was also keen to get back to ‘reality’ and the job that I love and had worked hard to get. I went along to regular keeping-in-touch meetings and childcare was sorted beforehand, as was my ‘set in stone’ return to work date so I felt super organised, in control and as ready to go back as I possibly could be. I wasn’t prepared for was how hard I would find it once I was back.

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