To party or not to party?

“A party. A proper party…for a one year old? Why don’t you just be sensible and have a little tea party for family and close friends? I think a proper party for a one year old is a bit ridiculous. Who do you think you are?  What a total waste of money.”

As soon as we had Elsie we automatically became members of The Mum and Dad club. As members of this new club found ourselves being invited to kids parties. Well not us exactly, but our daughter was and therefore we were invited, by proxy, as her only current mode of transport. At  10 months, my daughter has a MUCH better social life than me.

When it came around to thinking about Elsie’s first birthday, I wasn’t exactly sure what we wanted to do. Our house isn’t massive and we have a dog that gets incredibly over-excited when ANYONE comes into to house so the idea of inviting people and their kids around for a tea party filled me with dread.

Other cheap options such as have party at our local park or beach were out of the question as her Birthday is in December.

The only other thing I could think of was soft play. The dreaded soft play. Soft play venues are truly hell on earth when they are busy. Snot, dirt, germs and everything else that kids bring to the party are pretty grim but on the other hand kids do seem to LOVE it. And most of the decent ones have separate areas for babies and toddlers and older kids and it’s soft, so it’s pretty much danger-free.

I remembered that my sister had to book up a party venue months in advance as all the decent party venues book up fast and with less than two months to go, we needed to quickly make a decision on whether to actually go ahead and book up. So I wrote a list of pros and cons to help make up my mind.


  • Big waste of money. I’ve already gone waaaaaay overboard with decorations and Pinterested the shit out of ‘Girl First Birthday’.
  • She won’t remember it. At all.
  • Stressful. That many people all in one place. More specifically that many babies and toddlers all in one place. I’m getting stressed just thinking about it.
  • Kids are wild and pretty gross. Feral when it comes to soft play.


  • No mess/people in my house. As I said before, our house isn’t massive and my daughter’s birthday is in the height of winter so we can’t even send over-spill outside to the garden.
  • Kids love soft play. Elsie and her two cousins really love soft play so even if no one else turns up, they’ll have fun.
  • Fun to organise. I actually like organising events so it’s been fun researching venues and themes.
  • Lots of memories made and nice photos to look back at.
  • Organised fun activity, rather than sitting around in my house.
  • Lots of tired kids. If I timed the party right, the kids will run riot and wipe themselves out. Early night for kid = Winning at life.

So, obviously I decided to go for it. A few people have made a few comments about us planning a proper party for a one year old (see comment at the start) but I forged ahead and last week, I booked my daughter’s first birthday party.

A proper party at a fancy new soft play venue because my baby is only one once. We can have a tea party next year. (Yeah, right.)

4 thoughts on “To party or not to party?

  1. Lacey says:

    Ha I know how this goes. We did a big first and after that kept it smaller and will for a few years. I’ve learned that they don’t get cake, presents, and to be around family and friends everyday. That alone is enough for them when they are young. I’m going to take advantage and kill it simple until they are old and big enough to tell me other wise.
    It’ll be awesome though. You are also celebrating making it your first year as parents!

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