Sundayssentials: Mama Manuals 

Ok, so none of the following are technically ‘Manuals’. They are supportive and motivating words and images beautifully crafted together by some of the most awesome and inspiring mamas out there. 

They are all very different in tone and design but they have the same underlying message of supporting mamas and I personally have found each of them truly invaluable since becoming a mama seven months ago.

How to be a hip mama whilst keeping your cool

This is the ultimate cool mama guide, curated by THE ultimate cool mama, Mothers Meeting Mamaboss Jenny Scott. I bought this book when my daughter was two months old and I felt cheated that I hadn’t read it during my pregnancy as it spoke to me a lot more than the usual, boring pregnancy books.

The book covers fun advice such as  school-run fashion pointers, and go on to talk about more serious advice on how to deal with post-natal depression.  Jenny also tells mums how they can start their own mothers’ group which has actually inspired me to actively seek mamas with the same mindset in my local area rather than just go with same-old playgroups and coffee morning flow.

“How to Be a Mama Without Losing Your Cool is for mums of all ages, from all backgrounds, who are looking to make the most of their limited free time, and be more than just a mum.”

  • Grab a copy here
  • Check out Mothers Meeting on Instagram, here

The Art of Motherhood colouring book

Mère Soeur is a mama force to be reckoned with. Not content with absolutely killing it with her amazing Mère Soeur lifestyle brand dedicated to celebrating sisterhood and empowering mums, curator Carrie has now launched ‘The Art of Motherhood’-A adult colouring book with a conscience.

The book was inspired by moments of motherhood and symbols of sisterhood beautifully illustrated by some of the most talented illustrators, toy designers, students, business women and authors that Instagram has to offer. 

“What better excuse to set aside some mama time, enjoy a hot coffee (for once) and let yourself be carried away on a girl gang vibe. ALL profits will be donated to Home Start, a leading family support charity in the UK.”

  • Grab one here super quick before they sell out
  • Check out Mère Soeur on Instagram, here

The Fourth Trimester Magazine

I’ll admit it. I was late to party with the Fourth Trimester magazine. I kept seeing everyone on Instagram waxing lyrical about it but I missed the boat and had to wait for the second edition. It didn’t disappoint.

A UK based biannual independent print magazine, The Fourth Trimester Maagzine focuses on supporting life after birth with a fantastic array of beautifully worded articles written by mamas for mamas.

“It’s real, it’s honest, it’s gritty. We don’t shy away from the nasty aspects of the fourth trimester, and believe me, it gets nasty.”

  • Quick,  grab issue two here
  • Check out The Fourth Trimester Magazine on Instagram, here

The Mother Book Vol.1

Featuring a veritable who’s who of the mamablogging scene, The Mother Book (Vol.1) discusses a huge range of issues including Motherhood, Sleep, Style, Pregnancy & Birth, The Early Days, Raising Children, Home, Work, Travel, Tech, Teenagers and SANITY. This pick-up, put-down book feels warm and comforting like a chat with a knowledgable friend rather than a boring ‘how to guide’.

“In the true spirit of Selfish Mother they’re giving £2 profit from every book to an ace charity; mothers2mothers who believes in the power of mothers to end paediatric AIDS. M2M train, employ, and empower mothers living with HIV to bring health and hope to other mothers, their families, and communities.”

  • Grab a copy here
  • Check out Selfish Mother on Instagram, here


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