Have baby. Will travel…by train

So, disclosure I’m 32 and I can’t drive. I know, I know. I’m too old not to drive and now I’m a mama I need to get my shit together and pass my test. And I will. Soon. Maybe. But until then I am quite happy being a train wanker.

As a regular train user, I’ve found travelling by train to be relatively easy with the tiny in tow. I used to travel to work by train everyday when I wasn’t on mat. leave and throughout the whole nine months I was preganant not one single person offered to give up their seat on my ridiculously overcrowded Arriva Train Wales. So pre-baby, my faith in train travel was at an all time low but I’ve actually noticed that with a wee one in tow most people go out of their way to help you. That’s not say I haven’t had some major public transport disasters…

Like the time I decided to not ask for help and tried to lift my pram off a train on my own but underestimated the gap between the train and platform and also how high. The wheel bounced off my pram as it it the pavement and shot under the train. FML.

Or the time a pissed up guy asked if I wanted him to hold my daughter whilst I put my bag in the hold. It was 10am and he was drinking Strongbow from a can. He then proceeded to c-bomb the conductor and get arrested at the next station.

Or the time we took a three hour train journey up to Manchester and I was so desperate for a whizz that I had to take my baby daughter to the toilet with me. It’s pretty embarrassing when those slow reveal doors open when you are alone. That happening whilst you are holding a baby is absolutely mortifying for everyone involved.

Anyway, here are my top tips for train travel with tots…

  • Find out in advance what facilities the station has and whether its wheelchair accessible. If it is wheelchair acessible, it’ll be buggy accessible.
  • Head towards the wheelchair sign on the ground. Most stations should have them and they will direct you to the most ‘baby-friendly’ seats and changing facilities.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I have found most train conductors to be super helpful and it’s much easier than struggling on your own.
  • Invest in a baby carrier like a Conecta or Baby Bjorn. They can be super useful for getting on and off public transport.
  • Don’t forget to take loads of wipes. Public transport can be germ wagons and babies are handsy.
  • Travel light/small. I’ve just invested in a Xss Pockit stroller. It folds up super small which is partcularly useful when the twats who take their bikes on the train use up all the space. It also fits into a tiny bag which is small enough to be classed as hand luggage on a plane.

Happy Travelling xxx


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