Not the mama: Father’s Day edition

A while back, I wrote a post about how my being a new parent is pretty tough on the Dad too. Six months on and the baby still doesn’t tend to stick to any plans but she will now take a bottle. So where bedtime used to be a ladies-only, boob-fest, Not-the-Mama can now get involved and we are ever closer to the 50/50 parenting we always planned to do.

Despite never actually experiencing what a ‘good dad’ is himself, fatherhood has come so naturally to him, always going above and beyond for both of us.  So in honour of his first Not-the-Mama Day (and because I know this will make him cringe) here are five ways he’s recently dealt amazingly with this batshit-crazy, PMT-returning-with-a-vengance mama and her feisty, demanding, crawling, teething offspring…

  1. After spending the whole day with 30 kids (he’s a primary school teacher)…He steps through they door bang into the witching hour and me losing my shit on a daily basis. Like last week when the dog chewed up one of the babies’ toys and I was convinced he’d swallowed a small battery (v.dangerous for dogs BTW and anyone else come to think of it). I was manic, calling the vets, pacing the floor, crying that I’d “killed the dog” etc. He calmly pieced the remnants together and reassured me that the dog in fact hadn’t swallowed anything.
  2. He chauffeurs us around town as I don’t drive. The baby doesn’t travel well in cars so I prefer to sit in the back with her…like two real life Driving Miss Daisies.
  3. He traipses around town picking up second-hand stuff on a Saturday/Sunday morning that I’ve bought on a whim. Midnight Gumtree sprees are my new ‘thing’. He does benefit from this occassionally…like the time I bought a bar. Yup an actual bar to upcycle.
  4. He still doesn’t mind when I waste money we don’t have on shit we don’t need. Like bottles shaped like boobs (see previous post) and a leopard print Pockit stroller (The world’s smallest pushchair don’t you know) that I just had to have. Best. Buy. Ever.
  5. Despite working full-time and the rest) since the baby has taken a bottle he has done way more than his fair share of the night feeds as well as still letting me have my weekly lie-in on a Saturday (and Sunday).

Happy Not-The-Mama’s Day xxx

(For anyone who didn’t watch ‘Dinosaurs’ in the 90’s and get the Baby Sinclair ‘Not the Mama’ reference, please enjoy this link )

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 20.54.06



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