Have you got the bottle?

Breastfeeding is hard. Moving from breast to bottle can sometimes be even harder. You might be exhausted and need a break or you’re going back to work or you’ve just decided that enough is enough, you’ve done your best mama and you want to move on to the bottle. But what happens if they won’t take one? 

I spent six months and a ridiculous amount of time, money and my sanity in the quest to get my daughter to take a bottle. I read pretty much every word on the web on the subject as well as receiving a ridiculous amount of ‘advice’ from the world and it’s wife. So, if you’re struggling trying to move from boob to bottle here are a five ideas which might be worth a go…

*DISCLOSURE: I must express I am neither an expert nor a medical professional, I am merely relaying information passed to me or stuff I have read on that reliable source…T’internet. *

Walk out the door…

Leave the house and get someone else to give the baby a bottle. Babies can smell their Mother’s milk and may refuse a bottle if they know they could be breastfed. At 8 weeks, my mother-in-law the baby overnight and after holding out for about 10 hours she eventually guzzled 2oz of milk from a bottle. We also left her with my sister overnight once and she took an ounce or two. It didn’t last either time and as soon as I returned she refused the bottle again…but it could work for you. It’s definitely worth a go.

Go with the flow…

Try different flow teats. Before buying more bottles maybe try out a faster or slower flow teat. Breastfed babies can be a fussy lot so give some different flows a go.

Some like it hot…

Try the milk at different temperatures. We found that our daughter won’t drink formula milk that has cooled slightly. She likes it really warm and would rather go without that drink lukewarm milk. Other babies may find a cooler milk more to their liking.

Ditch the bitch…

Bottles are a pain in the arse. Do yourself a favour and skip straight from breast to a sippy cup. Babies can actually drink from a cup at birth. I recommend a Doidy cup or one of the basic Tommee Tippee free flow ones as a starter for 10.

The mexican standoff…

Going cold turkey. Not for the fainthearted but I have heard a lot of people (including my own sister!) having a lot of success using this method. Be prepared for the baby to wait it out and if possible enlist your partner/family members/friends to help. 

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