Things I miss since becoming a mama…

Becoming a parent has been the most unbelievably amazing and life-changing ride. My darling baby girl will be six months old next week and I can’t imagine life without her.

However awesome motherhood is, it doesn’t come without it’s sacrifices and so to celebrate these first six months, I have compiled a list of things I miss since becoming a mama…

  • Showering alone without the door open and an audience
  • Going to the loo without a military-style plan of action
  • Drinking a cup of coffee whilst it’s hot
  • Watching a whole TV show or film without falling asleep
  • Not having to make small talk with old women on a daily basis
  • Arriving anywhere on time
  • Getting throughly shit-faced
  • Having the time to clean the house *sniggers*
  • Baths
  • Going to the gym *sniggers*
  • Traveling on public transport relatively carefree
  • 8hrs unbroken sleep
  • Having time to eat breakfast
  • Having time to eat lunch
  • Having time to eat dinner
  • Eating at the same time as my husband
  • Wearing a normal, underwired bra. (Breastfeeding bras are awesome but they make for an incredibly unflattering silhouette -“Your tits look long” apparently)
  • Trying on clothes in a shop
  • Having time/energy/interest to pluck my eyebrows
  • Blowing my wages on pretty shoes
  • Getting paid wages and not a paltry statutory  maternity pay
  • Leaving the house on time and not 40 minutes after I should have
  • Traveling without half of Boot’s baby aisle in my bag
  • Waking up naturally rather than being poked in the eye
  • Doing a ‘leisurely’ food shop
  • Not being openly judged by all and sundry
  • Brushing my hair without losing clumps of it
  • Wearing heels…or rather going out somewhere worthy of wearing heels
  • My home smelling of candles and nice stuff rather than ‘eau de shitty nappy’

Despite all this, the last year has been beyond a doubt the BEST year of my life. Roll on the future…

Would love to hear what other parents miss most about life pre-baby? 

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