Sundayssentials: The Mama Mac

A good yellow mac raincoat is a cornerstone of the ‘Mama uniform’. Bright (so your kids don’t lose you – even if you want them to), warm and mud/sick/poo/snot/water proof, a great Mama Mac is worth it’s weight in gold.

It only takes one afternoon standing around at dingy, wet park or getting caught in the mother of all downpours, so torrential that you are soaked through to the knickers on your way home from a playgroup because ‘it looked like a nice day for a walk’,  to make you thankful you invested in one. 

I first noticed the Mama Mac last year when I was pregnant. My husband works in a primary school and I was envious of the yummy mummy’s looking so effortlessly stylish in their yellow macs at the school gates. I realised if I was going to be a professional mother, I was going to have to get my shit together and buy the proper kit. A Mama Mac was the first thing on my list.

The problem was that it was the middle of November and you couldn’t swing a cat on the high street without coming across a furry-hooded parka. There wasn’t a yellow mac in sight. I eventually hunted one down on the men’s section of ASOS. It wasn’t 100% what I wanted but it’s done the job.

Now that spring has well and truely officially sprung, it’s Mama Mac season, so here are my top four picks…

Sundayssential no2


1. Hooded Rain Mac, £55

Cheap and cheerful with great contrasting navy and white stripe to the hood and cuffs. It comes with a centre front zip fastening, patch pockets and a drawstring hood. Great little mac for the money.

Buy it @ Topshop

2. BDG Reversible Fisherman Anorak, £66

This mac is a bit longer than the normal mac which is great for keeping you drier (hiding your bum if you so wish to do so). It’s also reversible- double bubble! Finished with a snap button front, adjustable hood, and two pockets at the hip.

Buy it @ Urban Outfitters

3. Coast Waterproof Hooded Jacket, £79.95

The daddy (or should I say the mother) of mummy-uniform stores, this jacket is part of Joules’ popular ‘Right as Rain’ collection. This shorter boxy style jacket is the quintessential mama mac. Buttoned and zipped too and with a soft jersey inside.

Buy it @ Joules

4. Barbour Waterproof Bowline Jacket, £179

At double the cost of the nearest competitor, the Barbour Bowline is an investment piece. The inner is printed with the iconic Barbour label, so everyone will know you mean business. This is a real fancy mama mac but if you’ve ever owned a Barbour jacket before you will know that a Barbour is for life, not just a rainy spring.

Buy it @ Barbour


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