Sundayssentials: The Mama Bag

When I was pregnant my husband’s colleagues very kindly bought us a titanic-sized baby bath filled to the brim with baby paraphernalia. Nappies, dummies, every kind of wipe you could imagine.

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Not the Mama…

(For anyone who didn’t watch ‘Dinosaurs’ in the 90’s and get the Baby Sinclair ‘Not the Mama’ reference, please enjoy this link )

Before we had our baby, my husband and I had lots of plans and ideas about how we were going to parent. We watched and judged others around us, picking and choosing what we thought was the best way to raise our daughter.

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How not to make mummy friends and influence people…

I didn’t sign up for the NCT classes where a lot of the mums in my area seems to have met and formed little latte-drinking, Joules-wearing tribes. I thought about it but it seemed like it was a lot of money for what, essentially, we could get for free at the local NHS antenatal classes. I didn’t realise that those  pre-natal groups can give you a lot more than just information.

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Getting ‘Reggied’: How not to deal with a dog and newborn baby

This might seem like a bit of a filler blog post but this topic is one very close to my heart. 

A friend of a friend had a dog called Reggie. He was a tiny, little cream shitzu and he was her fur baby. They went everywhere together. You couldn’t go a day without seeing her posting pictures of her beloved Reggie on Facebook. Then she had a real baby and slowly but surely Reggie appeared less and less on her social media feeds. Real baby replaced the fur baby until he disappeared completely. Unable to deal with the stress of a new baby and dog, Reggie had been moved on to pastures new.

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